Non-relativistic Gravity in Entropic Quantum Dynamics

Symmetries and transformations are explored in the framework of entropic quantum dynamics. Two conditions arise that are required for any transformation to qualify as a symmetry. The heart of this work lies in the application of these conditions to the extended Galilean transformation, which admits features of both special and general relativity. The effective gravitational potential that arises in a non-inertial frame through the strong equivalence principle arises naturally through an equivalence of information.

  • Paper and poster presented at MaxEnt 2010 in Chamonix, France. The poster was built using the LaTeX beamer class. The style was adapted from the Jacobs University Computational and Biophysics group style. I changed the formatting and colors and inserted the SUNY logo: poster source code.
  • Slideshow presented for a department seminar on October 12, 2010. The talk also included a discussion and demonstration of my entropic dynamics demo. The slideshow was created using the LaTeX powerdot class with a custom style: slideshow source code.