Computational Projects » 1-Dimensional Demo of Entropic Quantum Dynamics

This is a demonstration of the concepts found in entropic quantum dynamics. [1,2] The plot area has three panes. The different quantities that can be plotted in each pane are listed above them. The third pane shows the expectation values of the velocities in the second pane. The problem is actually solved using the standard Schrödinger equation with the finite difference method. [3] The differential equations in EQD don't appear to behave well enough to be solved with standard numerical methods. As a consquence, the phase (and entropy) has lots of ugly jumps. I'm hoping to find a solution to this soon. Plotting is done using HTML Canvas. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me.

Potential Energy
Initial State
Left Variance:
Right Variance:
Peak Separation:
Relative Peak Probability:
Inital Momentum:
Other Options
Particle Mass:
Frames per Second:
The source code is available for those interested. You are free to use or modify my code and ideas. I just ask that you give credit where credit is due by including a reference to me and a link to this website. Download Source Code
[1] A. Caticha, "From entropic dynamics to quantum theory," (2009), arXiv:0907.4335v3 [quant-ph]
[2] A. Caticha, "Entropic dynamics, time and quantum theory," (2010), arXiv:1005.2357v1 [quant-ph]
[3] R. H. Landau, M. J. Páez, and C. C. Bordeianu, Computational Physics, 2nd ed. (Wiley, Weinheim, 2007) pp. 417–420