Computational Projects

1-D Demo of Entropic Quantum Dynamics

This is a demonstration of the concepts in entropic quantum dynamics in 1-dimension. The demo uses HTML Canvas to deliver an interactive environment right in your web browser.

2-D Ising Model Simulation

This is a simulation of the two-dimensional square lattice Ising model that I created for fun. The model exhibits the basic features of ferromagnets.

Including Zero Modes in the DLCQ Solution of ϕ4 Theory

This is the source code for a research project done at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The code solves the ϕ4 field theory using discrete light-cone quantization (DLCQ). The purpose of the project was to see how the inclusion of zero modes [1] improves the convergence of the solution.

[1] S. Chabysheva and J.R. Hiller, Phys. Rev. D 79, 096012 (2009).

Live Earth Wallpaper for Android

The most realistic live wallpaper of the Earth on the market!

Show stunning, real-time imagery of the Earth in your background! The Live Earth wallpaper combines amazing imagery from NASA's Visible Earth project and live satellite cloud imagery to create stunning wallpapers for your device.